Thursday 30 June 2016

Book Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Title: The Woman in Cabin 10 
Author: Ruth Ware
Published: 30th June 2016
Publisher: Harvill Secker

With the vast amount of great thrillers being published recently, it should surely be harder for them to differentiate from one another. But then another one comes along like the Woman in Cabin 10 and I am blown away with just how different that story manages to be.

A luxury press trip that we can only dream of going on, Lo thinks this is the career opportunity she has been waiting for. On her first night, Lo hears a scream and sees what she thinks is a body thrown overboard from the cabin next to hers. The only thing is no one knows of anyone staying in that cabin and Lo either has to think she has made a mistake or she is on a boat out in the middle of the ocean with a murderer...

The first thing that struck me with this storyline idea and made this thriller stand out, was that it was set on a boat. That may seem like a strange thing to say, but I had never considered what would happen if a murder or supposed murder happened out at sea. It's easier to get rid of evidence, easier to hide things and in Lo's case easier for people not to believe you.

Ruth Ware constantly leaves you on the edge of you seat with her atmospheric writing. There is always that dark, ominous feeling that danger is only around the corner, it's just a case of when you will find it. There isn't a moment where you aren't tensed and poised to discover what is going to happen and specifically what the outcome will be for Lo. The level of claustrophobia whilst reading this is almost palpable and the desperation and frustration that Lo feels is keenly felt by the reader.

An apprehensive, addictive and unpredictable read from Ruth Ware. Add it to your summer thrillers reading list.


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