Thursday 16 June 2016

Book Event: Ink Slinger Summer Picnic with Walker Books

Last Saturday marked the third time I would get to grace the wonderful Walker Books offices to talk about their upcoming books and meet some of their authors. I was of course very excited and couldn't wait for the weekend.

The Moonlight Dreamers- Siobhan Curham

Our first author of the day was Siobhan telling us all about her debut The Moonlight Dreamers. This cover caught my eye straight away and I knew I wanted to know more about it. This book tells the story of four girls, 

Next up we were shown the gorgeous cover reissues for the Pellinor series. I got the recently released prequel The Bone Queen for my birthday so I am excited to read this series from the beginning. If you have previously read this series I am sure you are going to want to buy these new beautiful covers and if you have not read this series yet then do check it out.

The above book really peaked my interest as it sounds like it's going to be a hilarious read. My Lady Jane: The not entirely true story is a funny re-imagining of the Tudors and had been said to be perfect for fans of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Tudors has always been an era that has fascinated me so I will definitely be reading this comic re-imagining.

Barefoot on the Wind- Zoe Marriot

Our second author of the day was Zoe Marriot telling us about her latest book Barefoot on the Wind. As soon as Zoe said this was a feminist retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I was sold. And then Zoe read a bit from the book and left us with a massive cliffhanger and now I am even more desperate to read this! What was even more lovely though that Zoe so kindly handed out a envelope wot each of us and it was filled with the wonderful goodies below.

The book that I was the MOST excited for though is The Black Key by Amy Ewing. This is the third and final instalment of The Lone City series and I am SO excited for the final instalment. If you have not read this series yet it starts with The Jewel, and girls are taken to be brought up to be surrogates to the rich and wealthy in the heart of the Jewel. It has honestly been one of my all time favourite series and if you liked The Hunger Games or Red Queen you will love this. I was also thrilled to know that an ebook short from another character point of view, so that should hopefully make the wait slightly less painful.

The Last Beginning by Lauren James

Our final author of the day was the lovely Lauren James. Lauren was at my first Walker books event last year telling us about her first book The Next Together which is a reincarnation romance. Don't shoot but I haven't read this yet, but now that her next book The Last Beginning is coming out, I will definitely get on reading Lauren's first book! Lauren also showed us what we could expect in her latest book and her top writing tips which I thought were brilliant.

I must also mention the awesome foodie spread that Walker put on for us, especially the bookish cupcakes (pictured below). They were utterly gorgeous and tasted really good too. I definitely didn't leave hungry.

There was of course an awesome goody bag to take with us at the end, full of books. I am particularly excited for Max, which is about becoming the ultimate Nazi soldier. Once again a huge thank you to Walker for a brilliant bookish day. I am so excited for all these new titles.

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