Wednesday 4 May 2016

Fairyloot unboxing

Hi All! I have a slightly different post today. I am sure you have all seen the various monthly boxes that you can buy where you get some surprise mini treats. The most obvious examples being all the choices of beauty boxes you can get out there, but surprisingly though there are very few book related subscriptions boxes and those that there are are in the USA and shipping to the UK is just insane! Now I had seen one UK subscription box start up a few months back, but when I saw some unboxings it just didn't really appeal to me that much, but then I saw Fairyloot. This is a YA subscription box and I'm gutted I missed out on the March box as it just looked amazing. I was straight on to buying the April box though. Before each box is sent out, we are each given a tiny teaser as to what that box may contain and April's box was dubbed Intrigue and not unsurprisingly I was intrigued. 
So what are the basics that you know before you buy the box- what can you expect to get?:
  • One recently published copy of an exciting Young Adult book, usually hardback.
  • A unique buddy reading hashtag that links you up with another person.
  • 3-4 bookish goodies related to the theme of the month. These can vary.
  • A promotional items and signed bookplates whenever it is possible.

Sounds good to me and I didn't think the price was too unreasonable for what you get either, it's £26 for one box and you can of course buy a 3 month of 6 month subscription and it doesn't automatically renew so you don't get any unwanted charges. You do unfortunately have to pay delivery and for me it was nearly £5 which was a little shame as it made another competitor slightly cheaper as they only charge £3 for delivery. If I am being honest though I hate paying delivery for anything so I may be a little biased there. I just wanted to put that in there though as just giving my honest thoughts and thinking about it reasonably they do source the wonderful products in the boxes from far and wide.

Anyway this hasn't stopped me from paying for a 3 month subscription and I was given a 5% discount on this so I was fairly happy with that and I of course ADORE the boxes.

Now onto what was inside April's box!

The box itself was beautiful and came with an even more beautiful quote. My box arrived at work and I was itching to open it, but savoured it until i got home.

Upon opening, I was greeted with a Pop Vinyl! How I love Pop Vinyls and I got Katniss. Now I do already have this one, but I still think it was a brilliant one to get and I will be giving it away in a future giveaway. I then dug through the lovely purple packaging to more treats inside.

I could see a wonderfully packaged hardback book and without really looking too hard at what it was, I began to unwrap it.

I was actually over the moon when I unwrapped Glittering Court. This has been on my wishlist for ages, so I was so so happy to get this in my Fairyloot box. It also came with some fab sequins which I have of course used to decorate my pictures with,

Other things in with the book packaging were some Glittering Court related material with a book mark poster and some transferable stickers.

And finally we got a little leaflet telling us all about what was in the box, along with a preview of the book The Wrath and The Dawn- need to read this and an exclusive vanilla scented candle aptly named intrigue. There was also my own unique hashtag to find my reading buddy with, but upon writing this I cannot find it anywhere. Already tweeted it though so not all is lost and I found my reading buddy.

There we have the delights of April's box and as I said I have ordered May, June's and July's. May's boxes got snapped up real quick so if you want to get your hands on June's box I would do so now! Overall a great YA subscription box- I think Fairyloot are the best ones out there UK wise at the minute and I CANNOT wait for what May's box holds.

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