Thursday 21 April 2016

Book Review: My Map of You by Isabelle Broom

Title: My Map of You
Author: Isabelle Broom
Published: 21st April 2016
Publisher: Penguin

I was so excited to hear that Heat's very own Book Editor had a book coming out this year and I was desperate to get stuck in.

My Map of You tells the story of Holly. She didn't have quite the start in life that she would have hoped for, leaving her distrusting of others and afraid to be herself. Things are rapidly and unexpectedly about to change for her though when she receives quite a shocking letter telling her she had an Aunt that she didn't even know about. And not only this, she has been left her Aunt's house in Zakynthos, Greece. Holly is about to discover some truths about how her family was torn apart.

The first thing I must talk about is the absolutely gorgeous setting of Zakynthos. It was the epitome of idyllic and when Holly was there I felt instantly transported there with her. The detail and the descriptions just gave the whole story a wonderful and enchanting atmosphere. As we follow Holly's journey, she discovers more and more hidden treasures that Zakynthos has to offer. I have such a hankering to go there myself now, it sounded like absolute paradise.

I adored and yet got so frustrated with Holly in equal measure. I felt so desperately sorry for her and all that she had been through, but at the same time I wanted to yell at her to stop pushing people away. It was interesting to see the difference in her personality in London and when she was in Greece, it was like she opened up a bit and wasn't afraid to be herself. Her journey was a little bit heartbreaking, but fascinating at the same time. There were so many different discoveries and shocking revelations that came to light and I really didn't expect it. There were a few instances when I really didn't know how this story was possibly going to turn out, and I love it when stories do this as it means they are in no way predictable and it makes me want to carry on reading. As well as Holly, Isabelle has created some wonderful supporting characters like Aiden, his dog Phelan and some of the other wonderful people she meets whilst at the Greek Island. They were so well developed and made this story even more enjoyable to read.

What I also thought really added to the story was the little letters that Holly's Mum Jenny sent to her sister Sandra throughout the years. This was a brilliant little added touch as it gave us more insight in the story. 

Despite some of my frustrations with Holly, I thoroughly enjoyed being whisked away to the perfect Greek island of Zakynthos. It makes for some perfect summer reading and if you didn't want to go on holiday just yet, you will now.


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