Sunday 3 April 2016

Blog Tour: The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarty

Title: The Way We Were 
Author: Sinead Moriarty 
Published: 24th March 2016
Publisher: Penguin 

Hello Book Folk, today brings my stop on the Blog Tour for The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarty. Sinead is sharing what it's like to be a writer, so this is definitely one for all you budding writers out there. 

Sinead Moriarty on being a writer…


Being a writer is a solitary existence. It also requires discipline but I don’t find it difficult to be disciplined because I love what I do. On ‘bad’ writing days when I think my book isn’t good enough, or the characters aren’t coming together I think of people with really tough jobs and always remind myself how lucky I am. I write from 9-2 every day when the children are in school and I protect that time. I rarely take a phone call, never answer the door and try to stay off the Internet (this does not always work as I do love to shop online!)

You have to get to your desk as quickly as possible in the morning. Don’t get side-tracked by laundry or tidying up or fixing something. Step over the mess and get writing. If you are someone who can’t bear mess and needs neatness, you should probably go to a cafĂ© or library to work where you won’t be tempted to tidy up.

My house is a complete mess but it doesn’t bother me, my priority is to get writing as soon as I can in the morning.

Don’t worry about having to stop in the middle of a great scene. I used to really worry that the inspiration and flow wouldn’t come back the next day but it does, it always does. It’s in there, inside your head and it will come back, so don’t worry!

The Way We Were is available now 


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