Thursday 24 March 2016

Book Review: The Woman Who Upped and Left by Fiona Gibson

Title: The Woman Who Upped and Left
Author: Fiona Gibson
Published: 25th February 2016
Publisher: Avon

Having read Fiona's book As Good as it Gets? last year, I honestly was very excited to see that she had a new book coming out. The cover also looked absolutely gorgeous and I was looking for a fun lighthearted read after reading quite a dark book.

This story wasn't quite the story I was expecting sadly. The title itself did also lead me to expect a different kind of tale, thinking that protagonist Audrey really was going to get away from it all, but this wasn't quite the case. This isn't to say that I didn't like the story at all, it did have a interesting premise and there was quite a lot of it that I liked, it was just the way that it was put together, it just seemed a bit messy or rushed in places and sometimes it even seemed a bit random. There was one particular part that I would have liked to have read more about, but it was suddenly over too quickly.

Another bugbear I had with this was that Audrey did seem just that little bit too much of a pushover and her son, Christ don't even get me started! He has got to be the most horrible, ungrateful, lazy teenager I have ever had the misfortune of reading about. He literally made my blood boil and I found myself fuming at a lot of the book. This wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting to have whilst reading.

I know fiction is exactly what it is in that it's not real, but when you read women's fiction you do kind of expect it to be close to real life.but a lot of The Woman Who Upped and Left just seemed a step too far on this scale.

Although a fairly light and quick read, I was left a little disappointed with the overall story. 


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