Wednesday 9 March 2016

Book Review: This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

Title: This Raging Light
Author: Estelle Laure
Published: 14th January 2016
Publisher: Orchard Books

This Raging Light is a glorious read to simply pick up and devour and I am so glad I decided to read it and I can honestly say I haven't read anything quite like it.

I had seen quite a lot of talk about this book towards the end of last year and I must say that I was very intrigued. That as well as what I think is an awesome title for a book.

Lucille and Wren were both characters that I felt immense sadness for. Both their parents pretty much have upped and left Lucille and Wren on their own, not only to look after themselves, but get their own food, pay the house bills like gas and electric and still go to school. Both desperately wanting to avoid being put into care, where they will most likely be separated, it falls to Lucille and the help of her friends to prevent this from happening. Lucille finds herself having to get a job as well as go to school and basically do what adults are supposed to do and not seventeen year olds.

Everything that Lucille goes through, I just felt so keenly. The raw emotions in this are palpable and I could definitely feel Lucille's bone-weary tiredness at working 4 late nights a week, plus going to school, doing homework and looking after her 9 year old sister. On top of all that she has fallen for her best friend's twin Digby who is already in a relationship with someone else. It's very complicated and the catalyst for a lot of turn of events. It was sad to read along with everything else that was happening in Lu's life, bittersweet I guess you would say.

There is so much depth to this short, but actually quite brilliant story


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