Wednesday 10 February 2016

Book Review: Meet Me in Manhattan by Claudia Carroll

Title: Meet Me in Manhattan
Author: Claudia Carroll
Published: 3rd December 2015
Publisher: Avon 

Usually with romance novels, you kind of know the plot already, but with Meet Me in Manhattan this wasn't the exact case, and instead had me very eager to read on and find out what would happen.

Meet Me in Manhattan introduces us to Holly. Holly is an aspiring journalist who has nearly given up on finding love, so she signs up to internet dating, where she starts talking to the very charming Andy McCoy. He is a pilot in America, who just seems too good to be true and after failing to physically meet three times, Holly starts to have her suspicions. She decides to bite the bullet though and surprise Andy in Manhattan, but Holly might just be in for the shock of her life.

With online dating becoming an ever common way to meet people, I thought Claudia's book was right up there with the times and was fascinating when this also explored the other side of online dating which was catfishing. This is where people lie about there identities and pretty much their whole existence when talking to people online.

This was full of brilliant Irish humour and a fantastic main character, who was easy relatable to and easy to become invested in her story. 

I loved the build-up to the twist in this story. It is quite unusual for me to be so eager to find out what will happen in a romance story but Claudia really did deliver. I think I was as shocked as Holly when the big reveal happened. This is what has made this romance story stand out so much more from the others have had read and actually felt more like a plausible story, rather than your standard boy meets girl.

Highly entertaining and full of unexpected twists and turns, a compelling and unique read from Claudia.


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