Monday 15 February 2016

Book Review: Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Title: Find Her
Author: Lisa Gardner
Published: 9th February 2016
Publisher: Headline

This was one of those books, where you think oh I will just read the first page and see what it's like and the next thing you know you've read the WHOLE book!

How Lisa's books have gone unnoticed by me, I have no idea. She takes thrillers to a whole new level. I was utterly consumed by this fast-paced, literally unputdownable book!

This was claustrophobic and all kinds of tense. I never ever want to be put through what Flora had to go through.We are thrown between three different perspectives to add to the sense of anticipation and suspense. We get Flora's perspective as a captive, where she is five years later and the detective's point of view. Whilst Flora is captive, was the most chilling and toe-curling part of this book, but it was the part that I could not stop myself from reading.

I have genuinely never been so desperate to find out what is going to happen in a book, even when I had to put it down (to work) it still consumed my thoughts. I was completely taken in by this fantastic thriller.

I know it's only February but this is the best thriller I have read so far this year and I have a very strong feeling this will be one of my top books of 2016!

Chilling, thrilling and highly suspenseful, this blows a lot of the thrillers I've read out of the park.


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