Wednesday 20 January 2016

Book Review: Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Title: Never Evers
Author: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
Published: 7th January 2016
Publisher: Chicken House Books

This was a perfect contemporary teen read that was just a joy to pick up and read. Although Never Evers is aimed at a younger audience than Lobsters was, it nice to have a focus more on friendship and innocent kisses for once, rather than anything further. 

Mouse isn't having the best time after being kicked out of ballet academy and having to return to her old school, where she is thrown straight into a school ski trip. Mouse really doesn't want to go, especially as there are classmates there not so thrilled at her return. Jack is also heading to the ski resort and along with his friends they are determined to get their girl kissing count off it's non-existence. Neither know the other is there, until they of course meet...

Tom and Lucy really brought back memories of what it was like to be fourteen again and Mouse reminded me a lot of what it was like to be 14 and the angst that you go through. I actually really liked the plot idea; in reality I guess it could seem a bit far-fetched, but the way it was told just seemed so plausible. The setting of the ski resort seemed perfect to the point that I felt transported. 
Perfect dual narrative, the switch between Mouse and Jack's POV worked really well and I liked switching back and forth between them. It was also really interesting to see a fourteen year old boys' side as well, which I remember being very much a mystery at school.

This was funny, fun and had some really great characters that you found yourself liking or disliking in some cases, instantaneously. What was also really quite adorable was Mouse's friendship with Keira and Connie. Their friendship is how all friendships should be like- sticking together no matter what. 

Despite the meaner side of teenage girls and Mouse having to rethink her dream, Never Evers really was a lovely bit of escapism. It has made me want to read more stories like it as it felt a refreshing and light read to cheer you up in the winter months.


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