Tuesday 22 December 2015

Penguin Random House (Vlogger) Christmas Party

Back in November I attended the brilliant even that was the Bloggeration Book Blogging Workshop where I got to meet Stephanie from Penguin. It was a fascinating talk hearing all about the publishing industry. What was also really brilliant though was that Stephanie invited us all to the Penguin Platform Christmas Party, which I was SO SO excited about!

It was so lovely to be invited up to Penguin Random House offices again. They really are something else and I was just as impressed with them this year as I was a year ago when I went to their Women's Fiction Party. Although this was supposed to be a vlogger event, I was very happy that they let bloggers come too and allow you to bring a plus one whether they were a blogger/vlogger or not. The main hosts of this event was Penguin Platform, they are an imprint of Penguin that showcase all their books from all of their different imprints. I think they are ingenious and definitely one of my favourite of Penguin's imprints.

Once we were taken up many floors via the lift, the lift doors open onto a very festive, bookish scene. Everyone had really got in the Christmas spirit and were wearing their Christmas jumpers and there were two massive tables full of books for us to help ourselves!

Whilst we were perusing the books and getting VERY excited, we saw Sophie Kinsella arrive. After a bit of a fangirling moment- ok a BIG fangirling moment, me, my friend Harriet and Zarina decided to take the opportunity to get our books signed by her. A big thanks to Catriona for taking this pick.  

Also whilst waiting to go into the presentation room, a very lovely man and lady came up to me and asked if I was Laura from Laura's little book blog and it turned out to be the super friendly and wonderful Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice thanking me for my review for their first book, The Best Thing that Never Happened to Me back in 2014. I very excited for their new book The Night that Changed Everything which is out in March. It is on my list of top reads I'm looking forward to in 2016.

Soon we were led into the presentation room where there were lots of quick fire interviews with the fabulous authors there talking about their Christmas past, present and future and other Christmassy related things- like still giving your children stockings despite what age they are- there was a collective gasp when Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days had said she wasn't going to give her 19 and 20 year old Christmas stocking anymore! There is a tradition you shouldn't give up no matter what age your children are- I even had to check with my Mum if she was giving me one and she wasn't going to- the horror! Anyway take note adults lol.

(Indira and Aiss from Penguin)

(Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice left)

(Sophie Kinsella)

After this wonderful little author introduction, and an elusive Penguin Platform bag to take home with us, we got to have a bit more of a mingle, some more gorgeous tasting canap├ęs, I got to gather all the wonderful books I had chosen to take home with me and leave the wonderful building that hosts Penguin Random House.

I was so in awe of the books I got to take home with me and have taken a picture of a selection of them below:

I cannot thanks Stephanie enough for my invite and am so excited for all these books to read in 2016.


  1. I'm so happy we got to attend this fab event! Have you read any of the books yet you picked up? I finished Anna and the Swallow Man and it was really good (albeit disturbing at times, set in wartime and all).

    1. Me too :) was an absolute treat. I haven't yet, I'm reading a book I meant to start ages ago, but Anna and the Swallow Man is high up on my list :)