Friday 4 December 2015

Book Review: The Mince Pie Mix- Up by Jennifer Joyce

Title: The Mince Pie Mix-Up
Author: Jennifer Joyce
Published: 6th November 2015
Publisher: Carina

I read Jennifer's first full length novel A Beginner's Guide to Salad all the way back in January 2014 and absolutely loved it. So when I saw that she had released a Christmas book called The Mince Pie Mix-Up I was super keen to read.

This is one of the best Christmas reads I have read this year! It was festive throughout the story, unlike some 'Christmas' books that only hint at Christmas and it was a joy to read. 

If you like Freaky Friday just as much as I do, or just like it, then I cannot recommend The Mince Pie Mix-Up enough. The difference in the story with this one is it is husband and wife Judy and Calvin who do the body swapping and is of course centred around Christmas time and what ensues is a hilarious, feel good story. It maybe the same concept as Freaky Friday, but it very much stood out as a story on its own and it was all down to a very strange dream and eating some burnt mince pies!

This was one of those stories that I just could not wait to get back into once I got home from work. I genuinely felt all warm and toasty whilst reading this. Jennifer has a brilliant knack at creating characters that you can really empathise with in one way or another and feeling that you are part of the family by the end. She also makes it very funny and light-hearted, I was laughing away quite a lot through this.

There is of course, like with stories similar to this, a wonderful message to take away from it and it is a perfect message to tie in with Christmas. I know I took a few lessons from this, the obvious one of them being that you don't know what it's like to be in someone else's shoes until you are!

I really could go on and on about this wonderful story, but I don't want to give anymore away. If you are looking for a really feel good, festive Christmas read then The Mince Pie Mix-Up is definitely one for your reading pile this Christmas.


The Mince Pie Mix-Up is out now!

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