Tuesday 1 December 2015

Blog Tour: The Heart of Winter by Emma Hannigan

Title: The Heart of Winter
Author: Emma Hannigan
Published: 22nd October 2015
Publisher: Headline

Happy 1st December Bookworms! Today I am kicking off the tour for The Heart of Winter by Emma Hannigan. Emma is sharing her Malteasers Christmas Pudding Recipe. I am definitely going to try this out, it looks divine! As always do check out the other stops on the tour below.


* 1 Terry’s chocolate orange
* 1 box of Maltesers
* 1 large bar of milk chocolate
* 1 large bar of white chocolate
* Roll out icing
* Green food colouring
* Red food colouring


* Place the chocolate orange onto the top of a glass or mug. You need the orange to be stable, but not in danger of falling into the vessel.

* Melt the bar of milk chocolate and allow to cool slightly – if it’s too hot it won’t stick the Maltesers.

* One-by-one dip one side of the Maltesers into the cooled melted milk chocolate. Stick them onto the chocolate orange, covering the entire surface.

* Melt the white chocolate and pour it over the top. There needs to be enough to create an icing effect.

* Place in the fridge to set.

* Meanwhile colour some of the roll out icing green and some red.

* Using a leaf cutter stamp out some holly leaves.

* Roll tiny balls of red icing to make the berries.

* Decorate the pudding to your liking.

* When set, lift the pudding from the glass or mug and place in a festive tumbler. I buy plastic decorated tumblers from discount stores as they’re both cheap and very festive.

* Wrap the finished pudding in cellophane and tie with a big red bow – alternatively, hide under the stairs and eat it all without sharing! Yum!!

This pudding looks so delicious and I will definitely be trying this out! Also don't forget you can get a copy of The Heart of Winter to add to your Christmas TBR pile.

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