Thursday 15 October 2015

Book Event: Walker Books Regency Tea

On Saturday 10th October, I was beyond thrilled to be invited once again to Walker Books Towers in Vauxhall for Regency Tea! This time they were showcasing some of their amazing 2016 titles and I can't wait to talk about them all with you as they really do have some fantastic new books on their list!

I had a little bit of a stressful train journey when I first ventured out to get to the lovely people at Walker Books, but I literally just made it on time and managed to grab myself a very nice cup of tea in a very posh china cup and saucer, before it was time to seat down and listen to Walker's fantastic authors as well as hear about their brilliant books.

The presentation started with the lovely Alison Goodman (I officially love her accent!) telling us about her upcoming book series: The Dark Days Club and also gave us a little reading into what was in store. Now I loved Jane Austen and that wonderful regency era and that's what this book brings us, but then mash it up with some demons and you have quite a different book. I must say I am intrigued. We also got to do a very cool quiz to decide whether we were a Duchess or a Demon Slayer and I am proud to say I got Demon Slayer lol.

Next up was what is probably my most anticipated read of next year and that is Goldfish by Nat Luurtsema. I am always fascinating by everything about the publishing industry and Walker books have us a fascinating insight into how they acquired Nat's brilliant novel. It involved creating a swimming pool on a table and wearing swimming hats, and random blowings of a whistle, all in the middle of the office (see a pic below). Nat gave us a little reading from her book and it had me in fits. I'm excited for its publication in June of next year.

As my stomach started to growl with hunger at me, a tea break was announced and I got to have some more of their delicious tea and scones with jam. I practically wolfed it down, it was so yummy! 

After that we heard all about Maladapted by Richard Kurti and this really really intrigued me. Cillian is the sole survivor of a devastating terrorist attack on a packed Metro train. How did he survive when everyone else was killed? Searching for answers with the mysterious Tess, Cillian discovers that his father has links to P8, a group of genetic scientists operating outside the laws of Foundation City. The shocking discoveries he and Tess make at P8's secret hospital start to make Cillian ask not who he is, but what he is? It just sound SO good! 

So there were already three books I was excited about and then Walker Books told us more! There was Twenty Questions for Gloria by Martyn Bedford, which sounds like an absolutely riveting thriller, where two people go missing, but only one goes back. Then there was Hour of the Bees by Lindsay Eager, which sounds right up my street, with the theme of magical realism and the blurring of fiction and truth and it was definitely the most gorgeous looking proof we got in our goody bags.

Before I knew it, the presentation was over and we all headed into the first room for some delicious sandwiches and chats with other bloggers and the Walker Books Team. I once again cannot thank Walker enough for inviting me to such a brilliant event and a top class bag worth of goodies to take home with us. I am genuinely so excited about all of these titles.

(Books in our goody bag, Twenty Questions for Gloria, Maladapted, Hour of the Bees and The Dark Days Club)

(Walker Books Towers)


  1. Looks like you had a fab time hun, the Walker logo still takes me back to my childhood love it! xxx

    1. Thanks Rea, it was brilliant and it reminds me as well, especially with the Can't You Sleep Little Bear books :) xxx