Tuesday 6 October 2015

Blog Tour: Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

Title: Little Girl Gone
Author: Alexandra Burt
Published: 24th September 2015
Publisher: Avon

Today on the blog brings my stop on the brilliant Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt and my stop brings my review of this brilliant psychological thriller! As ever all the other stops on the tour are listed below, so please do stop by their blogs for some other great content.

I am so so SO pleased to say that this lived up to my expectations and the hype. This was really cleverly written and a really fascinating plot premise. When Estelle's baby, Mia goes missing, it is unclear whether she wants her back; she doesn't report her missing and days later she is found with severe injuries in her now wrecked car. Not only that but she has no memory of how she got there, but is this just a cover up? Estelle ultimately is the only one who knows the answer.

I seem to be reading quite a few books lately that have unreliable narrators and I must say that this concept is definitely a hit with me as it makes it harder to guess the outcome of the plot. It appears to be that it is becoming harder for writers to deliver an ending that the reader does not figure out beforehand, so by having unreliable narrators, this is giving thrillers that edge again and making readers doubt what they think will happen.

Once I was really into Little Girl Gone, everything else on my mind just went out of the window. This became a highly suspenseful, plot twisting read that makes you forget your surroundings and desperate to get to the conclusion.

It also deals with a tough subject and it;s one that will pull at you emotionally as you do not want to bear thinking about that a Mother could have harmed her child. Alexandra has expertly woven this in to this thriller and made the read even more engrossing.

I do have to say that there was a tiny bit at the end that confused me a bit, but apart from that and the beginning was a little slow but, I cannot fault this story. Also if you are one of those readers that did not like Gone Girl or Girl on the Train then please do not let this comparison put you off as it's a brilliant read in its own right.

If you're looking for a book to really suck you in, then I definitely recommend Little Girl Gone. It is one of those books that you blink and you've finished it because it is so compelling.


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