Monday 28 September 2015

Book Review: 100 Awesome Hair Days by Jenny Strebe

Title100 Awesome Hair Days
AuthorJenny Strebe 
Published: 3rd September 2015
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley

I am the epitome of boring when it comes to hairstyles. I literally have it down and straight every day. This is partly due to laziness as well as lack of time and just wanted to get up in the morning and get ready quickly. Also I don't always feel that I look good with any other hairstyle, so don't try.
So you may be thinking why on earth am I reviewing a hairstyles book if I think all of the above. Well I do actually want to try different hairstyles, but have never known where to start, so this book of 100 awesome hair days, gives you some really simple, easy instructions of doing some hairstyles and just mixing your hair up a bit. Below are some of my attempts.

These are the hairstyles that I was able to do myself

1. Lace Plait with Waves

This hairstyle was quite easy to do and I didn't even have to use a mirror. I think the picture in the book shows it graduating from the front to the back a bit more, but I was happy with the result for a first time go.


2.  Messy Top Knot

As you can see this is a very simple, messy top knot and is very easy to pull off. It's great for when your hair isn't doing what you want it to do as well.

3. Headband Plait

I love, love love this hairstyle and it is surprisingly easy to do. With more practice I will make it a larger plait to stand out more.

4. Half Knot Plaited

This hairstyle was definitely in the book, but for some strange reason I cannot find it! Anyway this is Half knot plaited and was very simple to do. I definitely needed a mirror though as I missed out a chunk of hair lol!

Hairstyles I needed some help with

1.  Twisted Ponytail

The book did say that I could do this one myself, but I did find it quite fiddly so got my sister to help and I think she did a really good job.

2. Twisted Waterfall Plait

OK, so I'm cheating here slightly as this hairstyle was done at an event, but it isn't something you can do on your own. I loved this style, it was just a shame that it had practically fallen out by the end of the day.

Overall I thought this book of hairstyles was great. It has everything from casual, everyday hairstyles you can do quickly and then those extra special ones for going out and special events. And considering I am a bit of a hairstyle newbie, this book was really easy to follow and have since used some of these hairstyles. It also tells you what type of hair a particular hairstyle would be good for. It even has hair care tips at the back. This is definitely one for those who want to shake their hairstyles up a bit, or those looking for an extra special something.


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