Tuesday 22 September 2015

Blog Tour: Please Don't Leave Me Here by Tania Chandler

Title: Please Don't Leave Me Here
AuthorTania Chandler
Published: 24th September 2015
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Today is my blog's stop on the Blog Tour for Please Don' Leave Me Here by Tania Chandler. I am delighted to share my review with you. As always, the other stops on the tour are listed below, so please do stop by their awesome blogs for some other great content.

When I saw that this book had been likened to The Girl on the Train, my curiosity was instantly heightened. I had really liked The Girl on the Train, so was interested to see what this book would be like, and also because of the success of The Girl on the Train, I was expecting great things.

Please Don't Leave Me Here starts in 2008 where Brigitte is married and a Mother of twins; fourteen years after a man was found dead in her apartment. Brigitte was investigated by the police, but claimed to have no memory of what happened. Now the case has been reopened and the question is; is Brigitte a loving Mother or a cold blooded killer?

Please Don't Leave Me Here had a really different kind of narrative. I have never known a book quite like this to dramatically change my perception of a character. The book may start in 2008, but it goes back to 1994 to the events that led up to the death of a man in Brigitte's apartment. How you feel about Brigitte and the judgment you make of her initially is completely thrown when we are taken back to 1994 when she is just 19. It is almost like reading about two different characters.

I loved how this book makes you question everything about Brigitte and what started as a book that I wasn't really that into, had me hooked the instant we were taken back to Brigitte's past and actually had me sympathising with her, when at first I couldn't bear her. Brigitte is definitely one of the most interesting characters I have come across in fiction, there is just so much depth to her, from herself to the relationships that she has with others. She is what makes this story so enthralling and I actually became more interested in what would happen to her rather than if she was a killer or not.

I can see why this has some similarities to The Girl on the Train, but I think Please Don't Leave Me Here is different in it's own right. So even if you didn't like The Girl on the Train, I think you will enjoy this.

A very intriguing and fascinating story, that although started off slow, quickly turned in to a engrossing read.


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