Thursday 20 August 2015

Liz Fenwick's Cornish Summer - Bumper Summer Blog Tour!‏

Today is my stop on the Bumper Summer Blog Tour for Liz Fenwick celebrating all her books, all of which are displayed above! To celebrate I have a wonderful piece on Liz's Favourite Literary Landscapes to share with you. Enjoy! All other stops on the tour are listed below so please stop by their blogs for other great content.

My Favourite Literary Escapes- Liz Fenwick

The first thing that came to mine was ‘the past.’ I love historical fiction. Probably because this really suspends my disbelief and takes me to a place that I can only go in books. There is nothing quite like a Georgette Heyer to transport me to a better place. But the first book to sweep me to the past was Constance by Patricia Clapp. It is the story of a fourteen year old girl who comes
from England to the first colony at Plymouth, which wasn’t far from where I grew up. I could go and ‘see’ the past and almost touch it. But it was reading that book began my quest for anything set in my take on the ‘distant’ past. It was also the book that I first remember the feeling of falling in love as the heroine does. I remember rereading the passage and my stomach flipping every time.
I recently bought a copy of the book, long out of print, and it sits beside my bed in Cornwall. I am almost afraid to read it again. Will it be as good as it has been in my mind all these years?
I also love books set in Italy. I think it’s the wish for the lazy warmth and glorious scenery plus food to die for…. The coast of Maine has appeal as well but not for the warmth but more the mystery it evokes and too many years watching Murder She Wrote. The harsh rugged coastline facing the Atlantic always appealed to me so I suppose there should have been no surprise when I fell in love with Cornwall.
Truthfully any book that takes me to place where the story is so good and the setting wraps itself around me is a favourite. 

About Liz Fenwick

I was born in Massachusetts and after nine international moves I now live in Dubai with my husband and two mad cats. I made my first trip to Cornwall in 1989, bought my home there seven years later and, although I live in Dubai, my heart is forever in Cornwall, creating new stories.

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