Monday 24 August 2015

Book Event: Rooftop Book Club

The wonderful people (specifically Frances Gough and Vicky Palmer) from Headline recently came up with this brilliant idea to host a book club and specifically on the rooftop of their offices; hence the name Rooftop Book Club. This would be a chance to meet authors who would discuss their books and also give you the opportunity to get your book signs, along with drinks and canapes. The authors at this event were Tasmina Perry, Stella Newman and Jo Thomas, who would be in conversation with the ever so lovely Isabelle Broom from Heat Magazine. This was a ticketed event, but there was a chance for bloggers to enter into a competition to be VIB's (Very Important Bloggers) and win 2 free tickets, front row seats and an adavanced, signed copy of Tasmina Perry's latest book The Last Kiss Goodbye. I of course thought I would give it a shot and entered myself in and much to my surprise and delight, I was one of the 4 bloggers who won VIB tickets! I decided to bring my blogger friend Zarina from PagetoStageReviews and what ensued was a truly fabulous evening!

I was of course very excited to be one of the VIB bloggers, especially as I have never been anything close before. I'm not going to deny it was very awesome to have two seats reserved for me and my plus one. 

Before the authors got settled for their panel, I caught up with some other fabulous bloggers and had some very nice nibbles and drink. We also all met the fabulous Georgina Moore who is the Communications Director at Headline and so so lovely and is the lady in the middle of the below picture.

(Image courtesy of The Bookseller)

Soon we were asked to be seated and go ready to have the author panel with:

 Tasmina Perry author of The Proposal

Stella Newman author of The Dish,

Jo Thomas author of The Olive Branch

Hosted by Heat's Isabelle Broom.

All these ladies had been brought together for their love of food and travel in their books. These ladies had me and the rest of the audience in fits. I could have listened to them all night. I have sneakily taken some snippets from the BookEnds website.

Jo Thomas wrote her first novel THE OYSTER CATCHER in her car.

Donald Trump got in touch with Tasmina Perry’s agent to say he loved her work and really identified with Miles from KISS HEAVEN GOODBYE (incidentally, Miles is the character Tasmina would most like to kill off!)

Stella Newman is so dedicated to research, that she travelled all the way to Paris to eat croissants while writing THE DISH.

Our authors aren’t averse to a detox – Tasmina went cold turkey on digital, while Stella spent last week drinking just kale juice…

Jo takes cookery books with her on her travels but told us her packing mantra is to ‘Keep it black and wear big jewellery’.

Tasmina Perry is possibly one of the most well-travelled authors around – her dream destination to emigrate to is Savannah, Georgia, the setting for her new novel.

Stella always returns to a small town in Italy, which produces ‘the best pesto in the world’.

It was also Stella's birthday and she was given a really yummy chocolate cake, which is ever so kindly shared around with the other 80 guests.

We all got fabulous goody bags at the event and here's what was in mine.

In summary, I had an amazing evening. I cannot thank the team at Headline enough. I hope they will continue with this brilliant idea. 


  1. I was at this too. It was such a great night. I think I recognized you from Twitter - next time I will come and say hello! You got some great pics of the night - great post :)

    1. Ah can't believe I missed you! Definitely come say hello next time :) xx