Wednesday 15 April 2015

Blog Tour: Lost by Elle Field

Title: Lost
AuthorElle Field
Published: 2nd April 2015
Publisher: Elle Field

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Lost by Elle Field. Lost is the second book in the Kept series with a fab guest post from Elle and giveaway!

Guest Post with Elle

Once upon a time, I would have been convinced that my writing process would always remain the same. When I bashed out Kept and Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not, that’s exactly what I did – I bashed them out. 

OK, I didn’t bash them straight on to a computer, but I scribbled down furiously the first draft, pen to paper. I couldn’t have imagined writing the first draft any other way. It was a pain typing up those first drafts, not to mention the bumps that used to appear on my fingers from gripping my Biro too hard(!) as I scribbled away, but that’s what worked for me.

As for planning my books? Never! Whatever wanted to pour out from my head, I would let it. After all, isn’t that what the editing process is for to iron out any kinks? Looking back now, I could have saved myself a lot of time having a different writing process.

Writing Lost, you see, was a completely different process from writing my first two books. My once beautiful handwriting is now awful – honestly, I’m ashamed at how much of a scrawl I have – I suspect that I would have struggled to decipher 50% of my first draft if I had opted to write it by hand! I’ve found that typing the first draft straight on to my computer has made the editing process a lot easier, though that could also be because I now do basic planning – something once unheard of for me!

I write down a sentence per chapter, which gives me a rough idea of the point I’m heading to, though I inevitably find that chapter five in my notes has become chapter fifteen because my characters have gone off on a slight detour! My editing process is now much quicker and, hopefully, this all reflects in the quality of my writing.

Who knows what my writing process will be next time, but I can definitely say that the more books you write, the more you learn, and the easier (and better) your writing becomes.

If you’re an author or an aspiring writer, what’s your writing process like? Are you a panster or a plotter? Laptop or pen? Let me know!

About Lost

Out in Kindle and in paperback formats now: If you’ve not yet read Kept, the first book in the Arielle Lockley series, buy it here: 

About Elle

Elle Field lives in London with her boyfriend and their cat. She enjoys exploring new places, watching musicals on the West End, and eating her way around London’s culinary delights.
Her first novel Kept was released in April 2013; Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not followed in October 2013. Lost, the sequel to Kept, is out now. Look out for the final book in the Arielle Lockley series, Found, towards the end of the year.

Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not: 


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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today, Laura, and taking part in the Lost book tour. {^_^} xx