Tuesday 24 March 2015

Débutantes Don't Date by Kristina O'Grady

TitleDébutantes Don't Date
Author: Kristina O'Grady
Published: 30th April 2014
Publisher: Carina


Débutantes Don't Date tells the story of Grace. She is an event organiser and is currently organising the New Year's Ball at Kensington Palace. Then on the stroke of midnight after picking up a peculiar broach, Grace finds herself not in 2013, but in 1813 and in a very awkward position!

Even though the title of this book does not exactly go with the story, I still enjoyed the story that I found inside.

I like time-travelling novels and this one was fun and light-hearted. Even though I have read other reviews saying it's not realistic for the 1800's as Grace kisses a man and gets into a very awkward situation; I actually thought it was a funny storyline. Also fiction is fiction after all so it can be as unrealistic as we want it to be.

This book was very easy to pick up and put down again without losing track of the story. Grace and Jasper are very likeable characters and the chemistry between felt very real! There were quite a few steamy scenes in this and they just made me want Grace and Jasper to be together even more!

A fun and enjoyable read if you are looking for something light-hearted.


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