Monday 19 January 2015

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

Title: Frostfire
Author: Amanda Hocking
Published: 15th January 2015
Publisher: Tor


I absolutely adore the cover of this book! I actually can't stop looking at  it. One of the best covers I have seen for a while!

Anyway onto the review. Bearing in mind I work full time, I am amazed at how quickly I read this book! It must have only taken half a day, I just could not stop turning the pages and reading on.
Frostfire is a return to the Trylle series, which I have shockingly not yet read, but they are definitely on my book radar and even more so now. If you like me have not read the Trylle series, don't worry as you do not need to read those books to enjoy this fab new series.

I found this so easy to get into. Amanda Hocking easily creates a world to get lost in and at the same time make it feel so real. I have read loads of stories about witches, vampires, wearwolves and the like, but this is my first story that has been written about trolls and not your stereotypical trolls either and it worked really well!

I loved immersing myself in the world of the Kanin tribe, it really sounded like a fairytale type place, with the beautiful houses, castles and somehow the coldness of it and the frost made it seem magical. I quickly warmed to the main character Bryn as well, despite some of her views being a bit harsh especially when it came to love and family. She is a strong and independent female character which I am really pleased to see cropping up a lot in fiction! I also found the fragile relationships between each of the tribes really interesting and have a feeling more is yet to come between each of the tribes, especially with what came to light at the end!

The only slight complaint I have was this first book in the series felt very much like an introduction to the trilogy, not a lot happens in the way of action, but I am really excited for the next in the series as I know there is a lot yet to come!

A great start to the Kanin Chronicles series!


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