Friday 10 October 2014

Blog Tour: Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis

Title: Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista
Author: Aven Ellis
Published: 10th September 2014
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing


Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista tells the story of Avery; a marketing assistant and although she should be career driven, she has her sights set on having her own family. Avery works for Premier Airlines, the one fatal flaw here being is that she has a fear of flying! If Premier Airlines had known this they never would have given her the job! Then an opportunity arises for Avery to take part in a documentary for work, it seems like the perfect way to get that extra money that she deserves. It will enable her to shed that fashionista status that she is so keen to shift and show her as a serious career woman. But she hadn't bargained on Deacon Ryan being her videographer and he seems to think he knows her more than she does and that career woman image she was hoping to show, doesn't seem so easy now.

This was an incredibly quick, easy, lighthearted read, which was just what I needed after reading quite a stressful book. 

I found Avery a fairly relatable character as she is in marketing just like me, and although she wants to come across as career focused, her main goal in life is ultimately having a family. I could also really relate to her being shy in voicing her opinions in work meetings and when she actually does have the courage to voice her opinion, it is quickly downtrodden. I really really felt for her when that happened. There was also a particular colleague of hers that kept taking all the credit and claiming that she was so busy with work, when actually she was just busy flirting.

Although I did like this story, to me it felt like it took a while to get going. I think I would have liked more to happen earlier on. Also when I compare it to Aven's other two novels, I think they were better. However still an enjoyable read, but do check out Aven's other books Connectivity and Waiting for Prince Harry.



  1. Julie Van Belleghem12/10/2014, 14:52

    Hey Laura,
    what a nice blog you have!

    I find reading a little bit boring, but Chronicles of a lincoln park Fashionista seems like a very nice book!
    How many pages does the book have?
    I will probably borrow the book in the library !

  2. Hi Julie, thank you so much! Oh sorry to hear that you find reading a bit boring! As you may have guessed I love reading. You get to go to so many different places from the comfort of your own home lol. This book is actually an ebook, so not sure how many pages it has. According to my ibooks reader it had just over 400, but they aren't proper sized pages I don't think.
    It's currently £1.83 on kindle :)