Monday 29 September 2014

A non-bookish blog post about London Fashion Weekend

I will openly admit that I'm not that fashion savvy, but I do have an interest, so when my sister asked if I would go with her, I thought why not :)

If I'm honest, I really did not know what to expect when we went to this event and I wasn't exactly looking forward to it as I thought it would be really busy and things would run out and basically that we wouldn't have a great time. I was also a bit stressed about what to wear, but I settled on the below, nothing too fancy and I am glad to say that I had a brilliant time!

Everything was really well organised and when we got there we were early and were just waiting until 10am to go in. It was while we were queuing that we saw another queue and it turned out that that was for the Marks and Spencer catwalk show, which we didn't have tickets for. Anyway while we were waiting a lady starting saying that there were spare seats for the M&S show and would anyone like to go, so me and my sister were like yes please! We were in the fourth row, but still had a good view and not only that there was an M&S goodie bag to take away! To the right are the goodies we got. I did try and take some pics of the models but we were just that little bit too far away, but anyway it was my first experience of seeing a live catwalk and I was actually really impressed! There was a fantastic atmosphere and it was clear that everyone was really enjoying themselves. It was quite amusing that when the male models came on, the noise levels of the ladies (because it was mostly ladies there) went up.
After that we went to collect our other goody bag that came with the general entry ticket, and like the Marks and Spencer bag, I was quite impressed.
At 11:30 we went into the Trend catwalk show which we had opted to see and this time we were in the second row which was brilliant, as obviously got a much better view. It was a good catwalk, but after seeing the Marks and Spencer one, there was an obvious comparison, so I can only begin to imagine what the top designer ones were like! I have added in some of the pictures and a video below.

Overall a fantastic day and am very glad that I was proven wrong at not going to enjoy myself.

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