Saturday 9 August 2014

Blog Tour: What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy

Title: What Would Mary Berry Do?
Author: Claire Sandy
Published: 31st July 2014
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for What Would Mary Berry Do? with a review. The other stops are listed below. So do check them out for some other great content.


What Would Mary Berry Do? was an utterly brilliant book, that I just could not get enough of! I will point out that this is a complete work of fiction and nothing to do with The Great British Bake Off, although it got me really excited to watch it again, so it definitely a must read book for fans of Mary Berry and #GGBO.

Also how utterly delicious does that cover look?! If that is not enough to just convince you to pick this book up, hopefully my review will.

What Would Mary Berry Do? centers around the lovely and hilarious Dunwoody family. They will never fail to make you laugh and I loved their intertwining stories. Marie is told on the day of the school fete by her michevious but brilliant 9 year old twins that she has agreed to do the Showstopper. Marie isn't the best baker and with no time to start her career in baking she quickly buys something from the supermarket. After her embarassment at producing her shop bought Showstopper and being shown up by the perfect baker Lucy from across the road, Marie, with the help of Mary Berry, Marie embarks on her baking mission!

I totally loved the Dunwoody family! The twins were especially my favourite characters. They were clever and funny and particularly liked how they tried to help their brother Angus find a girlfriend. They depicted a normal family, that wasn't completely falling apart or completely perfect and this was made them so relatable and I loved immersing myself in their world.

I laughed practically on every other page of this book. I read it so quickly because I just kept wanting to get back to it and read. This is a proper can't put it down book because it is just so funny and feel good.

An absolutely fantastic debut that is hilarious and feel good. Claire Sandy is definitely an author to watch. More please!



  1. This sounds great! Definitely one for my wishlist!

    1. Definitely do! Really lighthearted and so funny!