Monday 18 August 2014

Blog Tour: Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon by Linda Newbery

Title: Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon
Author: Linda Newbery
Published: 14th August 2014
Publisher: Doubleday

I am delighted to be kicking off the tour for Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon by Linda Newbury with a review. The other stops are listed below so please do check them out for some other great content.


I was instantly drawn to the cover of this book. It is so pretty and yet so mysterious at the same time. It is definitely a book that you would want to pick up if you saw it in a bookshop. As well as the cover there is a mysterious story inside, with lots of unanswered questions that go back even further than Rose's disappearance.

It was twenty years ago that Rose disappeared without a trace and the Travener family have still never been able to move on from that day. Anna, Rose's sister doesn't feel like she can take control of her life without knowing what happened to Rose. She decides to renew her search, refusing to believe that Rose is dead, but she may find there are far more secrets to unravel than she anticipated.

This was so cleverly written and pieced together. The story is told through different layers of time going back to Anna's Mum's youth in the sixties, then to the late eighties of when Rose disappeared to present time. This was an aspect of the novel that I particularly liked as it I felt like I was travelling back to that era and Linda depicted each capsule of time really well. I also loved that it taught us more about the main characters and uncovered so many secrets on the way that lead to the big build up at the end. I was always pleased when the date changed in the book and it made me eager to read on.

I really felt each of the characters sense of frustration and loss, particularly for Cassandra. Linda illustrated this really well and that gives the reader a true sense of understanding of what they each are going through.

The twists and turns and unexpectedness had me completely unprepared for the ending. Not once did I manage to suss out what had happened. 

A really well written family saga with fantastic twists and turns.


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