Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Warrior Queen by Lavinia Collins

Title: The Warrior Queen
Author: Lavinia Collins


Never before has the magical world of Queen Guinevere, King Arthur and Lancelot and the knights of the Round Table been so deeply explored than in this warming saga of passion, duty and infidelity. Drawing on a rich seam of historical sources Lavinia Collins has created a fictional masterpiece, and epic romance that will stand the test of time. 

The Warrior Queen is the first full novel length installment of the Guinevere Trilogy.


When I was first asked to review The Warrior Queen by Lavinia, I was a little put off by the cover, but as soon as I saw the words King Arthur and Lancelot in the synopsis, the cover no longer mattered and I knew I had to read this book.

I love historical novels, I really really do, especially medieval ones and The Warrior Queen has sparked my love of them all over again. The knights of the round table, going into battle, the legends, Arthur, Lancelot. And not only that, it also had the medieval magic of Merlin and ah just loved it!

Guinevere is a strong female character that I instantly liked and The Warrior Queen tells her story of how King Arthur, after winning the battle against her Father demands that she be his bride. You really feel for her as a character and hope that she will be alright. But as I mentioned, she isn't one to cower in the background and do as she is told despite women in that era being subservient to men. And also Arthur doesn't quite turn out to be the man I thought he would be and it pleasantly surprised me.

I managed to get so completely lost in this story. I really felt like I was in Guinevere's shoes and when Lancelot came in on the scene I really was immersed in her world. 

At first I was annoyed with the ending, but then I saw on Goodreads that it is a series! I definitely defintiely want to read more about Guinevere and Arthur and Lancelot.

An immersive, pleasantly surprising and enchanting medieval tale that has had me begging for the sequel!

The Warrior Queen is available from Amazon UK

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