Tuesday 1 July 2014

Guest Post with Kerry Barrett. Author of the Could It Be Magic Series

Today I am delighted to welcome Kerry Barrett, author of I Put a Spell on You to the blog with a guest post on Magic! Enjoy!


A touch of black magic….
For Harmony McLeod – Harry, for short – life is going swimmingly in Edinburgh. Her exclusive spa, specialising in ‘spiritual counselling’ alongside massages and yoga (read: solving clients’ problems with a little bit of harmless witchcraft) is flourishing… Until she discovers one of her employees dead.
This spells out real trouble - trouble that even a perfectly cast spell can’t fix because the person out to destroy Harry is using magic too – dark magic…
Luckily DI Louise Baxter is more than willing to go the extra mile to help Harry solve the mystery and she’s pretty easy on the eyes too…

Don't miss the Could It Be Magic series:

Book 1 - Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Book 2 - I Put a Spell on You

Book 3 coming Winter 2014

Guest Post

I love magic. I love the thought of bending the world to suit myself – of speeding home even when the trains are delayed. Of summoning forgotten keys, or phones or tickets. Snapping my fingers and making snooty shop assistants serve me, or annoying tourists move out of my way. Changing traffic lights, making buses arrive, guaranteeing sun for that barbecue – would it just make things easier?
My obsession with magic began when I was a little girl. I loved watching repeats of the 1960s TV show Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery as witch-turned-housewife Samantha. I longed to be able to twitch my nose like Samantha and make things happen.
And then there was Mary Poppins. Surely the best witch ever to have walked the streets of London? Even now, when I look at the mess my sons have made of their bedroom, I wish I could snap my fingers and march their toys into the toybox by themselves.
When I got older I gobbled up the Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy. I used to laugh out loud at Mildred Hubble’s antics and her poor scared cat, Tabby, who swung on to the back of her broomstick in her schoolbag. I also loved the film version with the amazing Tim Curry as the Grand Wizard. I suspect one of the reasons I enjoyed the Harry Potter novels so much is because Hogwarts reminds me of Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches.
Later I discovered Alice Hoffman’s magical writing and then the film of her book Practical Magic. And of course there was Stephen King. No witches in his books, perhaps, but ghosts, vampires, and all sorts of scary stuff.
So with my love of magic well and truly cemented, I started writing myself and perhaps it was inevitable that the story I told was about witches. And that’s when I met reluctant witch Esme and her sassy, brilliant cousin Harmony – heroines of my Could It Be Magic series of books. I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. And please let me know your favourite magical films and books @kerrybean73. 

A big thank you to Kerry for stopping by! Her Could It Be Magic series sounds brilliant and wouldn't it be awesome to just whizz home from work even when trains are delayed!

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