Tuesday 3 June 2014

Throwaways (Die Hard for Girls Series) by Jenny Thomson


Huddled in a doorway, in a blonde wig and my best Pretty Woman outfit, I'm already soaked to the skin. Any minute now, a car will pull up and the occupant will ask me how much I charge for sex. As downward spirals go, this is bad. But I'm not here because I'm reduced to turning tricks for a living. I'm here to catch a killer... Throwaways - that's the word they're using for the Glasgow sex workers who've gone missing. But two people do care and Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre won't stop until they discover the truth; even if it gets them killed.


Throwaways is the second in the Die Hard for Girls series and after the first book Hell To Pay, I was interested to see where it would take Nancy and Tom.

This was a little slower paced than Hell to Pay, but it felt like the plot was able to unfold more. And when I say slower paced, it was still a lot faster than other books I've read and it meant that it was a quick read.

I liked how there was more mystery to Throwaways than Hell to Pay. In Throwaways, Nancy isn't looking for revenge for herself but to get justice for other women, so they don't have as much of a lead. I was quite pleased as well in this one that it wasn't quite so graphic. A lot of the scenes in Hell to Pay were hard to read. However Throwaways is still a dark read.

I thought perhaps that some of the conclusions the book came to happened a bit too quickly, I think maybe they should have been drawn out more to make it a little bit more real. But at the same time it was nice to get to the point quickly and get the book moving.

The reason this book has a unique appeal is that it has a very strong female protagonist and the idea of getting justice for women, particularly in light of what has been in the news lately should draw in readers.


Throwaways: Die Hard for Girls Book 2 is available from Amazon UK

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