Friday 20 June 2014

The Keepers: Declan by Rae Rivers


Declan Bennett has zero tolerance for thieves. He and his brothers, the Keepers, are fiercely protective of their witch, Sienna, and their privacy.
So when Kate Carrigan breaks into their estate, he'll be damned if he lets the little wildcat get away with it – especially after she seduced him three months ago, leaving him buck-naked in a New Orleans hotel. Declan wants payback – and some answers.
Before she was murdered, Kate's mother ingrained it in her not to trust anyone. Kate’s magical powers make her a pawn in the war between good and evil, a war she’s always avoided. Declan is everything she’s been taught to fear, even if she can’t forget the memory of his touch that one night…
Trouble is brewing as the powers of evil regroup – bolder and hungrier than ever – and Kate is forced to choose a side.
Hot romance, epic battles and action abound in Book 2 of The Keepers.


The Keepers: Declan is the third book in the Keepers series or the second if you're not counting the prequel, so hopefully I won't give anything away about the prequel and the first book, The Keepers: Sienna and The Keepers: Archer.

It is safe to say I loved The Keepers: Declan! Rae really packed a punch with this one! We get introduced to another fiesty female, Kate which is what I love about this series as the women in them can really hold their own!

If you have read the first two books you will know about Sienna's Keepers, but to those that haven't Sienna is a powerful witch that is protected by three brothers who are called her Keepers. They are three very handsome men sworn to protect her and in the first book in the series (not the prequel) we get Archer's point of view, then in this one we get Declan's and then the last in the series (which I now cannot wait for) which is Ethan's.

Although I liked Declan, for me he just wasn't Archer, so at the moment Declan is my second favorite out of the brothers. He is more broody and really likes his whisky! 

The Keeprs: Declan had the right amount of balance for everything. Action, love, steamy scenes, friendship, bravery. There is never a dull moment and you won't want to stop reading. There are some brilliant twists in this as well. I am now eagerly anticipating the final book in the series, The Keepers: Ethan.

Another fantastically action packed, steamy adventure from Rae, bring on Ethan!


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The Keepers: Sienna is out now and it's free to download!

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  1. What a wonderful review! Thank you, Laura! So pleased you've enjoyed my Keepers series :)