Thursday 8 May 2014

Millie and the American Proposal by Annabel Scott


Millie’s boyfriend James gets offered a job in Singapore, he accepts, thinking that she’ll give up her job and go with him. Only Millie gets offered a work secondment to New York which is too good an opportunity to turn down. When she arrives in the city, she soon discovers that she’s not the only one new in town; her ex-boyfriend, Rob, is back, and he’s separated from his wife. It’s time for Millie to work out what she wants from life. She’s got to decide whether she’s Team James or Team Rob as she gets her very own American Proposal.


This is the third book in the fantastic Millie series and a fantastic surprise as the last book had me thinking that that was it, so I was very excited to get back into Millie's world. 

There were some really heart breaking scenes in Millie and the American Proposal. It really made me feel so sad. However I was very happy that Millie gets to go back to America again and we get to revisit her awesome friends and see how far they have come in the 5 years since Millie has been away. And I'm happy to report that they do still like their partying! Millie's friends aren't the only ones she meets again, but Rob her ex-boyfriend is back in New York! 

I love Millie! She is a fantastic character. Really sweet and fun, definitely a friend I would like to have! I really really felt for her in the decisions she had to make, but knew that she had to go with what felt right.

I was just as indecisive as Millie about whether I was Team James or Team Rob. They both are so different and each have their own great qualities. Just as I would be leaning towards Team Rob, Team James would do something redeeming and I would feel so sorry for him. I won't say too much as don't want to spoil it!

I love Annabel's stories, they are so easy to get into and as soon as you have started, you have finished, but come out feeling all happy. AND they seriously make me crave a visit to the USA! Annabel makes it sound a lot more fun than the UK, especially restaurants with ninja's LOL!

A really lovely, sweet, enjoyable read!


Millie and the American Proposal is available from Amazon UK

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