Tuesday 11 February 2014

Braedrics Bane by A J Nuest

To escape the clutches of the evil Wizard Gaelleod, Rowena and Caedmon flee to the future. With her memories in tact and the help of her dear friends, Rowena is confident they can uncover the clues behind her connection to the key.

Yet Violet's dire prophecy does more than detail their history. Caedmon's worst fears are confirmed. Though they must return to his realm, everything he loves stands to be ripped from his grasp.

Join Caedmon and Rowena as they embark on an epic battle to protect the Austiere Kingdom and fight to safeguard their love in Braedric's Bane, Book IV of The Golden Key Chronicles.

As soon as AJ told me she had ARC's for the final in The Golden Key Chronicles and asked if I would like to read, I cried yes and started reading straight away!

I read this final instalment in a matter of hours! AJ writes in a way that you just have to keep turning the page. The pace of the final book is fast just like the first three and I really enjoy the fast-pace of it as it makes it an all the more exciting read. The only criticism I have is that again before you know it, you are turning the last page and I now don't have any more in the series to look forward to :(.

To those that have read the first three instalments, you will know from the last book, Rowena and Caedmon were escaping. We get to meet some of Rowena's friends from the first book that I honestly did not think we would get to meet again. I thought it was a fantastic twist and I was also barely a few pages in and the steamy scenes started to commence! No complaints from me I hasten to add!

The prophecy that Violet predicts really had me worried for Caedmon and Rowena as I just could not see how they would get out of it! I had grown to know and love them in this series and I did not want a dire fate to befall them!

Another fantastic, brilliant read from AJ. I hope to read more from her soon!


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  1. SQUEEEEEE! Laura, thank you so, so much for this outstanding review! I am over the moon excited! Whoo Hoo! Happy day! Happy day! Thank you! And don't worry! You'll be hearing more from me soon! xo