Monday 6 January 2014

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

It's June - seventeen-year-old Ellie O'Neill's least favourite time of year. Her tiny hometown is annually invaded by tourists, and this year there's the added inconvenience of a film crew. Even the arrival of Hollywood heartthrob Graham Larkin can't lift her mood.

But there is something making Ellie very happy. Ever since an email was accidentally sent to her a few months ago, she's been corresponding with a mysterious stranger, the two of them sharing their hopes and fears. Their developing relationship is not without its secrets though - there's the truth about Ellie's past... and her pen pal's real identity. When they finally meet in person, things are destined to get much more complicated. Can two people, worlds apart but brought together by chance, make it against all the odds?

This really was what happy looks like! What a beautiful story and definitely a teenage girls dream and I would say even a woman's dream.

Ellie is a small town girl living with her Mum in Maine. They have a nice, simple life until Ellie receives an email that wasn't intended for her, but is the start of something pretty incredible. Ellie's world goes from being small to bigger than she ever imagined, the problem being can these two people lives come together and make it work?

This wonderful story is bound to cheer you up. I don't think there are enough stories out there like this one. It is almost fairytale like and it is depicted so beautifully by Jennifer's delicate descriptions of every scene. Not a sound, sight or smell is left untouched that the reader cannot experience in this. I felt completely absorbed in Ellie's world; I could feel the heat of the sun, hear the sound of the seagulls and the swish of the waves and even though I have never been to Maine, I feel like I have been there now. Ellie was also a brilliant character and I took to her instantly, she is strong and independent for her age and a great female lead.

I literally could not put this down. It had me reading into the early hours of the morning despite being incredibly tired as the story just flows so effortlessly, I just had to continue. 

I will not say anymore about this as it will give too much away and there's nothing worse than spoilers in reviews! Just take away that if you want a story that will make you happy. This is it!


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