Thursday 30 January 2014

Book Launch: The Lie of You by Jane Lythell

Last Tuesday evening I went to Jane Lythell's book launch for her brilliant book: The Lie of You. I saw that Jane had posted the event on her twitter page and when I saw it was in Waterstones Brighton, I was pleasantly surprised, as this is really close to where I live. I commented on this saying it was near me and Jane made my day saying that I was very welcome to come if I wanted to! So of course I said yes.

So on the Tuesday, I took my friend Natasha with me and we arrived at the book launch. The first person I saw was Jane and I introduced myself and she recognised me and remembered my blog :). Jane then introduced me to Becky, who is the very lovely lady from Head of Zeus who sends out amazing books for bloggers to read. I also met Laura Palmer who is the fiction publisher there and it was just so great to meet the people behind the scenes as it were :).

If you don't know who Head of Zeus are, they are a new, independent publishing house, who only opened for business in January 2012 and published their first books in July 2012! So they are very young and they are doing very well :).

Jane then gave a presentation about where the idea for the book came from and it was so interesting to hear. It makes a book all the more brilliant when you know how the story idea came about. You can read Jane's speech here: Jane Lythell: Behind the Story

I then went a got my book signed and I really wanted a picture with her but was too shy to ask, so took a sneaky one of her signing my book. I hope she won't mind!

So I had a fantastic evening! Was buzzing for ages afterwards. I hope I can see them all again soon!

My review for The Lie of You can be found here:The Lie of You Review

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post Laura. I was so pleased to meet you and Natasha.
    I have a lot of respect for book bloggers. You do a great service for writers. And as a debut writer reviews are particularly important.
    I myself wrote a blog for two years and found it a great way to hone and polish my writing. Sadly I have less time to write it now.
    Thanks again for coming to my launch. It was a special night.