Friday 6 December 2013

The Twelve Dates of Christmas 3&4 by Lisa Dickenson

The second part in this very funny six-part digital romantic comedy. 

What is this huge secret Nick is planning to tell Claudia? 

As the day of her 'date' with Nick arrives, Claudia can't help letting her imagination run away with her. And try as she might to stop them, Claudia's hopes for what the evening has in store are very high. So when Nick arrives to pick her up, there is a lot riding on what's going to happen next. It's a shame that Nick has no idea what Claudia is thinking . . .

Awesome! Once again I raced through this. It does make for very good train reading. This is just a short review as I do not want to give a single thing away.

This is the second part in the six part series and Claudia is quite excited for her 'date' with Nick, but she mustn't get carried away he is just a friend. Nick has a surprise for Claudia, but maybe Claudia's mind is getting a little carried away!

Date four is quite unexpected and may not be with who you think, and Claudia finds herself in a bit of a predicament, which leads to something even worse!

We are left with a little cliffhanger that will make you want to read the third part in the series immediately! 

Once again this was hilariously funny and such an easy read and these little snippets are seriously addictive! It makes it more fun to read! Now on to the next one :)



  1. Hi Laura. Having seen your blog mentioned on Dizzy C's site I wanted to stop by and say hello. Always good to meet other bloggers, I'm always especially delighted when I find out that like me they are English. Anyway, nice to meet you, I've enjoyed my visit.

    1. Hi Tracy. Nice to meet you and hello to you too. Thank you so much for stopping by :)