Thursday 7 November 2013

Little White Lies and Butterflies by Suzie Tullet


When you're digging yourself into a hole, stop digging.

A child of the nineties, Lydia Livingston is different. The last thing she's ever wanted is to be superwoman; she knows first-hand that 'having it all' isn't everything it's cracked up to be. As far as she's concerned, when it comes to job versus family, it's a definite case of one or the other. And whilst most women her age have spent years climbing the corporate ladder, she's made a career out of bagging her perfect man. At almost thirty and still single, Lydia wonders if she'd made the right choice all those years ago. And realising the time has come to take stock, she goes against her family's wishes and banishes herself off to a distant land—all in the hope of finding a new direction.

At least that's the plan.

But Lydia Livingston isn't just different, she's misunderstood. A fact she knows all too well. So when the totally unsuitable Sam comes along, she decides to tell a little white lie, re-inventing herself as a professional chef – not exactly the best new identity to come up with for a woman who can't even cook. Of course, the last thing she expects is for him to find out the truth and start blackmailing her. Let alone find herself roped into catering for a local wedding. But with things going from bad to worse, her madder than mad family also turn up in something of a surprise visit, intent on celebrating a birthday she's no intentions of celebrating!


Lydia has always believed that when it comes to life you can either have a family or a career. So she dedicated herself to finding the perfect man to start a family with rather than focus on a career. Now she is approaching her 30th birthday, Lydia is starting to resign herself to the fact that she has failed in her quest, and now has no family or career to show for it. Lydia decides that she is going to get away from it all and takes herself off to the Greek Island of Kalymnos where she stays with the Fatolitis family and is intent on avoiding her 30th birthday.

What Lydia doesn't realise is that she is going to meet Sam and tell him a little white lie that escalates into something bigger and find herself being blackmailed by him! All sorts of trouble is  heading Lydia's way and all to save face from her little white lie!

I really liked Lydia as a character. I think she is in the same predicament as a lot of women these days who are finding themselves single and nearly 30. She is a little crazy and when she told the white lie to Sam I could feel myself inwardly cringing as lies, even small ones have a way of coming back to you and biting you on the bum! I was a little concerned that Lydia talked to herself a hell of a lot and definitely thought that she needed some company, so when her family turned up unexpectedly, I was quite relieved for her, even if she was annoyed to see them.

I enjoyed the author's writing in this as it was nice and light and therefore easy to read. I was very quickly transported to the Greek Island of Kalymnos and in this current weather, it has made me crave some warmer weather!

I think this is great holiday reading wherever you are, with comedy romance and a lot of fun.


Little White Lies and Butterflies is available from Amazon UK


  1. Thanks for featuring Little White Lies and Butterflies, Laura, and for the lovely review. Your words brought some well needed sunshine to my day too, considering the grey clouds outside x

    1. You're most welcome Suzie and I am happy that I brought some sunshine to your day as well :) x

  2. I think we all need to head off to Lydia's Greek Island. A lovely review, Laura! Thank you for sharing. Well done, Suzie! :)

  3. Thanks, Sheryl. Let me know when I need to start packing! x