Tuesday 12 November 2013

A Jane Austen Daydream by Scott D. Southard


All her heroines find love in the end—but is there love waiting for Jane?

Jane Austen spends her days writing and matchmaking in the small countryside village of Steventon, until a ball at Godmersham Park propels her into a new world where she yearns for a romance of her own. But whether her heart will settle on a young lawyer, a clever Reverend, a wealthy childhood friend, or a mysterious stranger is anyone's guess.

Written in the style of Jane herself, this novel ponders the question faced by many devoted readers over the years—did she ever find love? Weaving fact with fiction, it re-imagines her life, using her own stories to fill in the gaps left by history and showing that all of us—to a greater or lesser degree—are head over heels for Jane


I must confess I love everything Jane Austen, so this instantly appealed to me and I would like to thank the author kindly for sending me a copy to review and can only apologise for the delay in reading.

I instantly took to this novel, it is written extremely well and it was almost like Jane Austen herself had written it; it was written so adeptly to the period and I instantly fell in love with Jane's character. 

The author states from the beginning that this is a work of fiction and not a biography and I mean this in a nice way, but I instantly assumed it would be fictional and not biographical, although it would have been a very clever attempt by the author considering Jane Austen passed away nearly 200 years ago! So this is the authors imagining of what Jane Austen's life would have been like and I easily could have  believed this really was Jane Austen's real life character.

Jane is definitely not the sensible one out of her and her sister Cassandra and just wants to have fun and is the not so pretty one of the two. I was instantly reminded of Pride and Prejudice and Jane's character is definitely like Elizabeth Bennet.  She is an extremely passionate about everything she does and I think this is why the other ladies do not take to her very much and constantly refer to her as the 'Other Miss Austen'.  I believe they do not like her very much as she does not act like a lady, or how ladies were supposed to act in those days. I loved reading how Jane grows up and discovers love and relationships. I thought it was a great idea that this was written in three parts, as it was like a slightly different story each time.

I must stress again the brilliant writing style of the author as he manages to convey the female emotions of Jane really well despite being a male author, so I definitely think the author has done a lot of research for this story, not just for that, but the writing style and diction of the time.

A definite read for all Jane Austen Fans!


A Jane Austen Daydream is available from Amazon UK

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