Friday 25 October 2013

Halloween Feature: Stalker- A Short Story

I have the lovely Sheli on the blog with her awesome short story Stalker!


He slinks around the corner and sees his victim coming out of a nearby building. His eyes lock onto his prey, following their every move. He waits until the perfect moment to do it. Never looking away, never blinking.

The time has come and he is ready to pounce. He can sense his victim’s fear, but it is too late. He stalks towards his prey as fast as lightning. He meets his victims gaze before swooping in and completing his task.
His jaws clamp around the small, terrified mouse. Mittens has a present to take home to his owner.

Wow! What a brilliant short story Sheli! You had me going there!! Thank you so much for taking part!

Original piece of microfiction written by Sheli Russ. Read my book reviews at or follow me on Twitter at @shelireads

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