Wednesday 18 September 2013

Lying to meet you by Anna Garner

Does being in a relationship make you a hot commodity in the eyes of would-be suitors?

Chloe Lane is about to find out. When her childhood pal, Ethan Webster, asks her to play the part of his girlfriend in order to test this theory, she reluctantly agrees. As a work-crazed fashion designer, boutique owner and soon-to-be reality show judge, Chloe has no time for a real boyfriend, but being part of a faux pair will do just fine. Not that she has any intention of trying to attract someone else.


Opportunity unexpectedly knocks when Chloe meets fellow reality judge, William Shannon. Super successful and super sexy, this high-powered entrepreneur inspires Chloe to test Ethan’s theory herself. Now, on top of keeping her fashion business productive, carving out a new role as a television personality, maintaining a fake relationship and attempting to lay the groundwork for a future relationship, she’s lying to William, lying to her friends, lying to her family and quite possibly lying to herself. Will Chloe be able to keep it all together, or are things about to explode?


I powered through this brilliant chick lit in one day. It made for perfect reading indoors whilst the weather outside was miserable.

I thought the premise for this story was a really good and realistic idea. Pretending to be in a relationship to get closer to someone else. I completely agree with the theory that when you are in a relationship, you suddenly become a hot commodity, but when you are single and available, the interest in you seems to diminish. I say this as the same thing happened to me! So as I said great basis for a story.

I loved the main character Chloe in this. She's the kind of person that knows what she wants and you can see that she has done so much to get to where she is. She may have had a little help from her family, but you see that it is her own drive and determination that gets her to where she is and closer to living her dream. I loved reading all about her boutique clothes shop and her own fashion collection pieces. I loved how creative she was and that she designed her own clothes.

I know that Ethan and Chloe were only pretending to be in a relationship, but the whole way through I was hoping that they would fall for each other. Ethan was so sweet and I thought they were perfect for one another! You just hope that they both begin to realise this. I must point out that the storyline was not at all predictable as some people may think. When William comes into Chloe's life her life definitely seems to take on a plot twist and a lot of drama happens right towards the end.

I did feel that the ending was quite rushed as a lot happens in those final few pages and I would have liked to have found out more about the outcome of some of the events. That said I did enjoy reading this so much that I could not put it down. It was a nice easy read and you just want to stay in Chloe's world and hope that things work out for her. 

A wonderful story from Anna Garner and I definitely want to read more from her!


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