Wednesday 28 August 2013

A Jersey Kiss Blog Tour

Living in the 'sunny isle' it's hard not to fall in love and even though Bea Phillips is still reeling from a nasty divorce, the loss of her beloved god-mother and inheriting a legacy that includes something mysterious no one seems able to locate, she still has to find a way to fight a court case that threatens to take away everything she owns. The last thing Bea needs is a distraction in the form of surly builder Luke, or old flame Tom.

Will Bea find a way to keep her dream home and maybe fall in love?

 And what exactly is, ‘A Jersey Kiss?'


What a lovely story this was. I really did enjoy it. I was captivated right from the first page, wanting to find out if Bea would find happiness again.

The characters in this were brilliant. Bea is extremely likeable and I desperately wanted things to turn out right for her. Her ex-husband Simon is truly nasty, believing that he is entitled to her late Aunt Annabel's house as they were still together when she died; even though he cheated on Bea! I actually wanted to punch him!

So apart from horrible Simon there is also Shani, Paul and Luke. I particularly loved Paul and his partner Guy. He was incredibly caring and really liked the way he looked out for Shani; Bea's other friend. Luke was a great love interest too; very handsome, kind and strong! I did get a little frustrated with Bea when she wouldn't trust Luke because of the thoughts that Tom (Bea's Manager) was putting into her head! I was always very suspicious of Tom. 

Bea's half sister Mel was also a funny character, one minute I hated her and the next I quite liked her. I think her heart was in the right place, but she was influenced by her horrible Mother, Joyce.

What I especially liked in this, was that all of the characters had their own dramas going on, so it was not completely focused on Bea. You really get to know all the characters which some novels miss out on, so they were excellently developed and you really feel involved with them all.

I also really liked the mystery surrounding A Jersey Kiss. What was it that Bea's Aunt had left behind for Bea to discover. It definitely peaked my interest! I wanted it to be the key to end all of Bea's worries!

The fact that this story was set in Jersey also gave it that holiday feel; a holiday destination I must visit. I also did read A Jersey Kiss on holiday; the perfect place to read it!

This story has everything you could possibly want from a novel like this; mystery, romance and drama, you won't want it to end.

I can't wait to read more from Georgina Troy!


About the Author

Georgina Troy lives in Jersey near the sea - well, most people do in an island only 9 x 5 miles. She's always wanted to write and being an impossible romantic is always falling in love with heroes both real (hopefully), in fiction (definitely) and those of her own creation (absolutely).

She's now written two romantic novels based in Jersey, A Jersey Kiss and A Jersey Affair.

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  1. Thank you for a brilliant review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed A Jersey Kiss and are taking part in the tour.x

    1. It was a pleasure :) So glad to be a part of the tour :) x

  2. Great review Laura. I love a plot that has secondary characters living their lives too with all their crises and issues :) So much more interesting.

    Thank you for hosting Georgina on her tour.


    1. Thanks Shaz. It really makes the novel for me :).

      Thanks for having me on the tour :)

  3. Really looking forward to reading this! Attended the online launch on Facebook :) fingers crossed!!

    1. It really is brilliant! Fingers crossed for you as well :) x