Wednesday 5 June 2013

Ada's Rules

Ada is a preacher's wife living in the deep south and is an extremely busy woman with a lot of people to take care of; but she hasn't been finding the time to take care of herself. She is also worrying that while she has been so busy that someone else has been taking care of her husband....
After an invitation to a high school reunion from an old boyfriend, Ada decides it is time that she took care of herself and return to the weight she was in her high school days and gain the love she thinks she lost.

I think the cover of this book was a little bit misleading- I thought it was going to be about a woman in a cake shop or something along those lines (sorry very basic story idea), but what I got was a fictional diet book that you could use tips for in real life. So this really wasn't what I was hoping to read.

The story surrounding the diet was good and the author writes well, I just found myself rushing through it when Ada was talking about her diet, which was too much at times.

Even though Ada says throughout the novel she is losing weight for herself, I have my doubts, as for a start her Mum pretends like she doesn't exist because she has already lost three daughters to the 'sugar' (diabetes) and she can't bear to lose another daughter so she just pretends Ada is her cleaner when she comes round- so horrible! She thinks her husband is cheating on her because of her weight and she hears some men talking about her and her twin daughters behind her back saying that no man would want them! So you can see why I have my doubts about her losing weight for herself.

I think the author needed to build a stronger story around the health points to make it work, as it was just a diet story with a few nice characters thrown in. I guess it's helpful if you are trying to lose weight and need some tips, but not if you actually want a story to read.


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