Friday 31 May 2013

Pear Shaped

I won Pear Shaped on Twitter from the never-ending library as an ibook. I won it with Stella's latest book Leftovers which I am a quarter of the way through at the moment.

I have never read anything by Stella Newman before, but I'm glad I have now, as despite some sad and frustrating moments, it had some really funny bits in it that had me laughing out loud on the train and got me some weird looks.

Sophie is a Pudding Developer for a company called Fletchers (Pudding Developer is such a kool job title let alone job!). In the first chapter she meets an older man called James at a bar and one things leads to another as it usually does and they start dating. Things are all lovely and fairytale like as all beginnings of relationships are, but then things start turning sour when James starts making some not altogether nice comments about Sophie and their relationship starts to crumble.

James is an absolute pig of a man and why Sophie tries to stay with him I have no idea. Sophie comes across as a very sensitive character and quite needy, so it was frustrating to read at times when she kept going back to James. But I did feel sorry for her when she was getting all upset as the way James treated her would make any woman lose self-belief. I think because I had recently been through a break-up; although thank god not quite as bad as Sophie's! I could relate to the way the character was feeling.

The best bits for me when Sophie was at work and developing all these different puddings! The descriptions Stella uses for them are amazing, I could really picture them and I was seriously craving puddings throughout this novel. You can definitely tell from the way these descriptions were written that Stella is a food lover as they are so detailed.

So if you love food and want a bit of a laugh this book is for you.

I hope to finish Stella's latest book, Leftovers soon.


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